Episode 2.7: Chrysler Building

We're closing out our season with one of the most iconic buildings in New York. The Chrysler Building in midtown Manhattan was paid for and owned by Walter P. Chrysler, automobile tycoon, and designed by the avant-garde architect of the age, William Van Alen. Hey, it's not exactly a house but it does have hubcaps as ornamentation! A sky-high Art Deco lunch club! Sneaky spires! Career-ending lawsuits! All that drama and more!

Episode 2.4: Brooklyn Botanic Garden

We're mixing it up! This time, Deb's calling the shots as we go visit the Brooklyn Botanic Garden's administration building, a beautiful Tuscan Revival structure designed by the legendary McKim, Mead, and White firm. Join us as we enthuse about Brooklyn over Times Square, wax excitedly about greenhouses, and ponder the different scenarios that might lead to installing iron rails and grilles over windows.

Episode 1.8: The Frick Collection

For the last episode of season 1, we are taking you uptown in our current homebase of New York City, to the Frick Collection, a home that pulls double-duty as a museum. Built for the industrial tycoon Henry "Most Hated Man in America" Clay Frick, the Frick Collection is nevertheless one of the most pleasant places to spend an afternoon in the city. Join us as we debate how petty is too petty and what is the wrong way to hassle your contractors when a World War is going on!