Episode 2.6: Tai Fu Tai

On our first non-Western historic home, we're visiting Tai Fu Tai (大夫第) mansion in Hong Kong! This 19th century home was built by a prominent local philanthropist, Man Chung Luen, whose wealth, the rumors went, came from pirate gold and/or crime, but also maybe hard work and wise savings? No one knows! Join us as we ramble on about the intricacies of Chinese history and ponder on the best courtyards for martial arting.

Episode 2.3: Pemberley

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that two readers who run a podcast about houses, must at some point talk about Pemberley. And guess what? THIS IS IT. We're going ACROSS THE ATLANTIC to talk about Mr. Fine himself, Fitzwilliam Darcy, and the House That Changed Elizabeth Bennet's Mind. Join us for our quasi-holiday special where we go visit some of the classic British homes that served as inspiration and sets for our favorite Pride and Prejudice adaptations! We cover fake lake diving! Collectible head busts of actors! And as always, regrets in your architecture-- all of that, with an Austen spin.

Episode 2.2: Herndon Home

We're going to our first house in Georgia in this episode! The Herndon Home was the dream house of a pretty spectacular power couple, Alonzo, who was born into slavery but rose up to be a self-made millionaire, and his wife Adrienne, a talented actress and one of the first African American women faculty members at Atlanta University. If that piques your interest, take a listen-- we talk about customized murals! Jalousies! And how many roles can one woman possibly do in a one-woman show!