Episode 2.1: Sowden House

We're kicking off the season with a spoopy lil' place in Los Angeles built by Frank Lloyd Wright Jr., drawing on his sense of the *tosses glitter* theater! This neo-Mayan home has the cool cool nickname of the Jaws House and also was home to a leading suspect in the notorious Black Dahlia cold case. As always, you'll hear about architects! Houses! Persian cats! And, bonus for the season, murder...!

Episode 1.4: The Lummis House, aka El Alisal

We're heading out west to where land is plenty, and white dudes named Charles from Massachusetts can insist on being called 'Don Carlos' and still somehow be taken seriously in society! Charles Lummis was, among many things, intense (INTENSE) workaholic, prolific writer and journalist, native rights activist and historic preservationist, and also someone who built his own house out of river rock and cement and other stuff he found on his daily walks, because what else was he supposed to do while working himself up to a paralytic stroke, amirite? The resultant El Alisal, a DIY Arts and Crafts house with a river rock facade and a round tower is the striking-- if a tad precarious-- result.