Episode 2.5: House on the Rock

Welcome to a new year, new decade, and new episode! To kick off 2020 in spectacular style, we're visiting Wisconsin's wild and wacky tourist attraction, House on the Rock! To be fair, Alex Jordan Jr. did intend for it to be a house. It just... didn't end up there! We're covering DIY house-building issues, horse-less carousels, how many dolls are too many dolls, and in particular relevance for this home, just an astonished, generalized, "...what?"

Episode 1.7: Ca d’Zan

Send in the clowns, guys, we're heading down to Sarasota County in Florida to see the palace of the Circus King, Ca d'Zan! A little bit Venice, a lotta bit flamboyance, Ca d'Zan had gondolas, belvederes, a giant tub carved of a single block of yellow marble, and organs with far too many pipes to play "Entrance of the Gladiators" whenever the heck you want. Join us as we discuss circus history, sibling rivalry, and why we would never leave the bathroom windows open.

Episode 1.6: Nickerson House

Our first home in the Midwest is the swanky Gilded Age mansion that was known as the Marble Palace in its heyday! We're off to talk about the Nickerson house in Chicago, Illinois, where we fawn over ebonized wood, kokomo glass, and discuss solutions to the age-old problem of what to do when you're hella scared of fire, but you really dig fancy fireplaces.