Mindy grew up in sunny California surrounded by tracts of ranch-style homes and throwback strip malls from the 80s. As a child, she longed for the drama and romance of a house with a second floor, but now resides in a fourth-floor walkup in Brooklyn, and has since learned to be careful about what she wishes for. She is an avid student of history, art, food, cities, people, and whatever else takes her fancy, and enjoys visiting preserved old houses and neighborhoods if only because of her incurable obsession for outdated gossip. If you’d like to make her deliriously happy, please convince the powers-that-be to release a second season to Weekend Aristocrats and air it on Netflix.


Deb has lived in both house and apartments throughout her life on the West and East coast. She’s lived in multiple level homes and in first floor apartments. Which does she prefer to live in? East or West? House or not-house? Stairs or no stairs? Dog or cat? Black or white? The answers to all that…will probably NOT be in the podcast, but that’s okay! Questions don’t always need answers! Rights don’t always have wrongs! And sometimes, a favorite color changes! Also, how is she supposed to maintain her ultra-mysterious-aura by giving away the answers to any old schmuck? Ya need to gain it, schmucks. Ya need ta gain it.

(She’s defo a cat person, but will cuddle dafuq out of a dog if present.)


Dru (@funkdrubius) is what you would call a modern day Renaissance Man. By day he works in IT, but after work you can find him DJing, making music, making and selling designer toys with @bunnymischief, recording podcasts, developing websites, 3D printing, or just chilling out playing video games.

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