Episode 2.4: Brooklyn Botanic Garden

We’re mixing it up! This time, Deb’s calling the shots as we go visit the Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s administration building, a beautiful Tuscan Revival structure designed by the legendary McKim, Mead, and White firm. Join us as we enthuse about Brooklyn over Times Square, wax excitedly about greenhouses, and ponder the different scenarios that might lead to installing iron rails and grilles over windows.

The admin building is behind the conservatory.

Laboratory Administration Building, Brooklyn Botanic Garden//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js
Here it is today!

PSM V80 D344 Floor plan of the lab and administration of the brooklyn botanic gardens.png
By UnknownPopular Science Monthly Volume 80, Public Domain, Link

And here’s the general layout!

Also, BBC’s Monty Don’s French/Italian Gardens is gr8 and on Netflix.


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