Episode 2.3: Pemberley

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that two readers who run a podcast about houses, must at some point talk about Pemberley. And guess what? THIS IS IT. We’re going ACROSS THE ATLANTIC to talk about Mr. Fine himself, Fitzwilliam Darcy, and the House That Changed Elizabeth Bennet’s Mind. Join us for our quasi-holiday special where we go visit some of the classic British homes that served as inspiration and sets for our favorite Pride and Prejudice adaptations! We cover fake lake diving! Collectible head busts of actors! And as always, architectural regrets– all of that, with an Austen spin.

Also be sure to check out our sister podcast, Not a Bookclub on Friday, 11/29/19, when our tie-in episode about our obsession with Pride and Prejudice drops!

BBC (1995) adaptation put Jennifer Ehle’s fabulously expressive eyebrows and Colin Firth’s endearingly awkward gallantry to good use, as well as the exterior of Lyme Park for Pemberley:

South facade of Lyme Park house, 2013.jpg
By Julie Anne WorkmanOwn work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

Here is that iconic, iconic lake scene:

For the interior, they used Sudbury Hall:

If you like your P&P with a bit more Keira Knightley saucy head tossing and Matthew MacFadyen’s spectacularly soulful pining gaze, then check out Chatsworth and Wilton:

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Lyme Park (Cheshire) Historical Facts and Pictures


Chatsworth and Wilton sources TK

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